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What is a “wildcat strike”? And how do you start?

Strikes are our most powerful means of exerting pressure. Unfortunately, still not all workers in Germany can go on strike without fear of consequences: Germany has one of the most restrictive strike laws in Europe, actively putting obstacles in the way of industrial action. We don’t want to leave these obstacles there!

We have written a brochure based on the experiences of the wildcat strikes at Gorillas and elsewhere and the subsequent monitoring of the court cases. It is intended to be a little help in successfully asserting yourself against the boss without much official union support. After all, this is often the only realistic prospect for particularly precarious workers. The brochure is also a call and guide to change the lousy German strike law!

Do you have problems at work and would like to tackle them together with your colleagues? Do you want to know how to organise a wildcat strike and what the risks are?

Come to our workshop and brochure release event!

WHAT: Information on the topic of wildcat strikes and all the associated industrial action tactics, role plays, discussion, snacks and drinks

WHERE: FAU Lokal, Grüntaler Straße 24

WHEN: Friday, 3 May, 18 to 21 h

LANGUAGE: English and German


[PDF flyer to download]

Wildcat strikes – Brochure release and workshop
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