Syndicalization across all professions: This is where our common concerns converge and how workers build power across industries for the united goal of worker liberation.

Syndicate contact information


Info meeting: FAU–How does it work? Every 1st Friday of the month, 7 pm.

Our union currently consists of the General Syndicate Berlin (ASy Berlin). This is our overall structure ,where we organize ourselves–independent of our specific occupational and life situation. The ASy Berlin is a member of the trade union federation Freie ArbeiterInnen*-Union (FAU). The monthly general meeting (GA) is our highest decision-making body.

Then what?

Within the syndicate, we organize ourselves into sections. Here, members who work in the same industry or are confronted with a common life situation organize themselves. Matters that concern us all or do not fall within the remit of a section are dealt with at the GA, in working groups with specific tasks or–especially when things have to move quickly–in our secretariat.

Did you say “syndicate”?

By “syndicate,” we mean a different type of union than we commonly know in Germany. We are interested in more than just the wage issue and we are organized differently: Our union is grassroots democratic and militant. The members–and not an apparatus of functionaries–decide on demands, procedures and financing in labor disputes. The syndicate is a space where people empower themselves and practice building solidarity with each other.