Unionized Teachers Say Freelancers are Thrown Under the Bus at Learnship

Berlin, 14 August 2023

FAU Berlin urges immediate action for Learnship language teachers’ rights and well-being.

Online language training company Learnship is once again leading the race to the bottom in freelance language teacher wages. Many Learnship teachers earning above €15 per hour are no longer being offered classes, while others are only paid €12 per hour. This effective pay cut has been implemented without consultation.

Perseverance pays off: Unionized riders achievevictory against former company

Berlin, July 06, 2023

When they first started this year, they were not sure of their success: after seven months of court hearings, demonstrations, press work and self-organization, the mass-dismissed workers of eco CARRIER AG and velo CARRIER GmbH agreed to an out of court settlement for the payment of all outstanding wages and additional severance payments.


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