How is FAU Berlin structured?

From Syndicate to Federation

FAU Berlin operates in the economic area of Berlin and the surrounding region. It currently consists of the General Syndicate, an association of all professions. The aim is to form sector-specific syndicates, which together form a local federation. There are already sections and company groups in which members work on a sector-specific basis or areas of common social concern.

Decisions and Implementation

Decisions are made by the rank and file in general assemblies. The decision-making power always lies with the substructure that is affected by the matter in question (either syndicate, section, or operating group). Between assemblies, the secretariat implements the decisions of the members. For specific tasks or projects, mandates are given or working groups are formed.

Act Locally, Organize Globally

Together with other FAU syndicates in our area, FAU Berlin forms the Regional Federation East, in which common concerns are coordinated. All FAU syndicates in Germany are in turn united in a federal federation, which holds an annual congress. Internationally, the FAU is linked with other trade union federations in the International Confederation of Labor (IKA).