What principles does FAU Berlin work by?

“Building the new society in the shell of the old.”

The principles of FAU Berlin reflect both our ideas of a militant interest organization and the idea of a different form of society. Thus, we rely on direct action–not only because we consider it more efficient and flexible than proxy politics, but also because it promotes civil courage and the ability for social emancipation.

Hand in hand–and from the bottom up

A central component of our self-image is solidarity. We rely on the rapid mobilization of members, and thus, we contradict the capitalist logic of competition in a practical way. The principle of grassroots democracy, in turn, ensures that the will and needs of each member matters to us. In this way, we also break away from authoritarian social structures.

A horizontal order

Accordingly, our organizational principle is federalism. The respective organizational units enjoy the greatest possible autonomy in order to be able to work flexibly and in a grassroots-oriented way. Demands are developed by the workers they concern. Accordingly, we are also politically independent. A change in the economy and society must start at their base (us!) and presupposes alternatives to centralist state structures.