In 2022, the workers of a small Berlin bike-delivery company decided to organize their workplace through FAU Berlin. They came together initially to gain influence and to make their interests heard.

It was planned as a long ongoing process, one that would establish a sustainable structure and secure lasting improvements. However, in early 2023, they were confronted with a major plan for layoffs in the Berlin branch.

The FAU-Betriebsgruppe had to reorient themselves quickly towards the layoffs. After some time, the collectivised workers reached an agreement with the management. In their victory, they showed how organized workers can find success in answering to the assaults of capitalist interests.

In this event, members of the former Betriebsgruppe will share their experience of the Eco-Carrier story, try to draw some conclusions and speak on lessons learned.

Where: FAU-Lokal, Grüntaler Str. 24
When: Friday Feb 2nd, 19:00 Uhr.

The event will be held in English. A German language whisper translation will be provided.

Reflections on the workplace struggle at Ecocarrier