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Foreigners' Section

Organization for foreign workers

Contact info for the section

Mail: faub-aus(a)fau.org

Open meeting: Every 4th Tuesday of the month, 19:30.

Location: FAU office, Grüntaler Str. 24.

The section aims to provide an effective organizational platform for foreigners living in the German capital, as well as support and solidarity in labour rights and workplace struggles involving foreign residents plus essential advice on work and social rights legislation in Germany for non-German speakers.

Goals of the Foreigners' Section

Click here to get to the FAU Berlin's English membership formThe Section’s long-term goal is to develop effective strategies to defend foreign workers’ rights through collective organization in workplaces in Berlin as well as organizing information campaigns and actions to spread awareness amongst non-German speakers of German labour law and their rights in Germany. It offers foreigners a way to overcome their isolation and vulnerability in the face of abusive employment practices in Germany and the means to achieve concrete improvements in their working conditions. The section works on a number of levels; from providing practical support and legal advice on individual issues such as pay and contract disputes to organizing collective solidarity campaigns in labour struggles at companies employing foreign workers around Berlin. Members of the section are directly involved in organizing and coordinating these activities and are actively encouraged to get involved.

For example

Labour rights flyerAn example of a current campaign the section is involved in is the promotion and distribution of its “Labour Rights In Germany” flyer, handed out at workplace actions and translated into a number of languages including Turkish, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Greek, Swedish and Danish with other languages versions including Chinese and Arabic soon to be available (download here). The section also aims to hold regular events and info sessions throughout 2015 at its centre (FAU-Lokal).


The section is open to workers from any nationality who don’t speak German as their native language, covers a wide range of sectors and industries and aims to share and build on the experiences and talents of people from a wide range of backgrounds and nationalities to form an effective, independent union section capable of successfully defending foreign worker’s rights and living conditions. Its membership comes from a diverse range of countries and uses English as its working language with Spanish, Swedish, French, Italian, Polish, Russian, Turkish and Greek speakers among others also represented.

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Die kämpferische Gewerkschaft

Einfach ausfüllen und abschicken: Hier geht's zum MitgliedsantragDie FAU Berlin ist eine un­abhängige Basis­gewerkschaft. Sie ist bundesweit in der Gewerkschaftsföderation FAU organisiert. Tretet bei, bringt euch ein, werdet aktiv.


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Infoveranstaltung: FAU – Wie funk­tioniert das? Immer am 1. Freitag im Monat, 19.00 Uhr.
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Gewerkschaftliche Beratung: Immer am 2. und 4. Freitag im Monat, 17–18.00 Uhr. Anmeldungen bitte vorab per E-Mail an .
MieterInnenberatung: Immer am 4. Montag im Monat, 18–19.00 Uhr. In Kooperation mit Rechtsanwältin Carola Handwerg.
Offene Beratung für Kollektivbetriebe: Siehe die Beratungs-Seite der union coop // föderation.
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