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“I Want My Money!” – A guidebook for all those who are waiting to get paid

The job is finished, sent, done. Everything is wonderful; the only thing missing is payment. Now it’s time to..: Wait. And wait. A little more waiting.

At some point, you get the feeling that it’s taken long enough for the money to finally land in your account. So: ask. Depending on your attitude and the situation, shyly or politely or even annoyed. Often enough you will hear excuses: “Unfortunately totally forgotten,” “It’s already on its way,” “In two days at the latest.” And again: Waiting …

At some point, everyone is at the end of their patience. But what now?

This brochure describes some ways to get the client or customer to pay the outstanding fee and some mistakes to avoid in the process.

“I Want My Money!” – A guide for all those who are waiting for their fee.
How you actually proceed must fit your individual circumstances. For example, is the client unable or unwilling to pay? Do you have a long-term business relationship, or was this your first assignment? Or do you need to get your money quickly? How much time and energy do you want to spend on the dispute? The route via legal action, for example, takes longer and usually means losing the client, but is more “thorough”.

The brochure can be downloaded as a PDF here [Coming Soon!]


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