What benefits do members of FAU Berlin enjoy?

Advice and Support

We counter the structural power of employers with the collective power of the employees. We further the interests of our members in a variety of ways: Our services range from trade union consultations to legal protection to support in labor disputes. Through knowledge exchange and networking, members also gain experience that helps them to better exercise their rights in everyday life. We see trade unions as our instrument for self-empowerment.

Solidarity is Our Strength

Our union thrives on the engagement and solidarity of its members. Every member is welcomed and encouraged to get involved and participate in decision making. It is precisely our grassroots structures that make us flexible and able to adapt quickly to new situations. No one is left alone with their troubles. We always focus on protecting the interests of our members. We can also rely on supra-regional and international solidarity, like through our sister organizations.

Coming Together

The FAU Lokal is our meeting place: This is where we meet in our sections, working groups, and, above all, where we plan the course of action of labor disputes. This is where we conduct union counselling in cooperation with a lawyer. Every member can use the FAU-Lokal.