Who can become a member of FAU Berlin and how?

Who can become a member?
All people who have to sell their labor power to earn a living can become members. This includes all workers–whether employed, self-employed, freelance, in training, studying, unemployed or retired–as long as they do not engage in activities that contradict the purposes and goals of FAU Berlin.

How and where can you join?
To join FAU Berlin, just complete our membership form. Even better: Drop by a General Assembly or section meeting. This will also give you access to our internal resources. Once you are accepted, you will have to pay a membership fee. This is one percent of your gross salary or at least 2.50 euros per month.

Special concerns
Are you in a profession for which we don’t yet have a section? There’s always the possibility that you will find others here in your field, and you can form a working group or section. You live outside the Berlin area? We’ll help you form an FAU syndicate there, too, if there isn’t one yet. You have already joined forces with colleagues? Joining us as a collective, company group, or section is fantastic.

For further questions or more detailed information, please visit our open FAU local (every Friday from 5 to 8 p.m.), or contact our secretariat.