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  • I am a worker. This means that I am either employed, unemployed, (falsely) self-employed, or otherwise dependent on selling my labor, a pensioner or a trainee.
  • I am not a boss. This means that I do not have the power to hire or fire workers.
  • I do not engage in any activities that are in conflict with the aims and objectives of the FAU.
  • I support the principles of the FAU and will abide by its structures and resolutions.

Do you live or work predominantly in Potsdam?

In 2020, an independent syndicate was established in Potsdam. If you live or work in Potsdam, please join here!

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Organise with us for your rights as workers!

    The monthly membership fee is 1% of your gross monthly income. The minimum is 2.50 euros per month. If you are in financial difficulties, you can request a deferral of payment.

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