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When: Mar 04, 2022 07:00 PM Where: FAU Lokal, Grüntaler Str. 24, Berlin-Wedding
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Rhetorical training for feminist strike action. We want to collect, discuss and act out different situations where we feel like we’re missing arguments or rhetorical strategies - and change that together!

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Mar 04, 2022
from 07:00 PM to 10:00 PM


FAU Lokal, Grüntaler Str. 24, Berlin-Wedding

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We want to practice mobilizing people to participate in the feminist strike; to say that and why we are striking around March 8; and to react to curious or even disapproving inquiries. This should help us, for example, in strategy debates with comrades, conversations with friends, neighbors, relatives, acquaintances or colleagues, to better get across what the feminist strike is all about for us.

In addition, we’ll prepare one other to stand up to verbal attacks from bosses, clients, administrators, spouses, roommates and random guys on the street. Because we have to expect and learn to deal with such attacks when we refuse to do work that they think we should do.

And we want to figure out together in which situations we want to convince whom, in which moments attack is the best defense and when we want to simply avoid certain conversations.

We want to practice all of this with you, live and in color! (So please come tested). We are excited to train with you!

04.03.2022 - 7pm
all genders
@ FAU Lokal, Grüntaler Str. 24, Berlin-Wedding
come tested + mask

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