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Sex Work Section

Group for members working in the sexwork industry

Section Contact


Please contact us via e-mail if you want to come to our meeting for the first time.

Die kämpferische Gewerkschaft!

The Sex Worker Section of FAU Berlin is a platform for sex workers to organise themselves, strategise, mobilise and fight for their interests, and to build solidarity and awareness among its members as well as within society.

The section is a sex worker-only space but we are in constant exchange and collaboration with other workers of FAU. Furthermore, we are well connected with other groups that deal with sex work specific issues such as decriminalization, but also issues that affect other workers, such as racism, transphobia, multiple discrimination, problems with papers and violence.

Sex workers’ struggles

Unfortunately, sex workers are still a marginalized group. Besides workplace struggles and legal, structural and institutional disadvantages, we are constantly affected by stigma and discrimination. Since people who perform sex work live and work in diverse realities, an intersectional approach is needed to tackle our problems. Sex work is often not acknowledged as a “real” job and this means that we are frequently denied the right to unionize. However, with the Sex Worker Section of FAU Berlin we are breaking with this tradition of isolation.

Sex work is work

The struggle for sex workers’ rights begins with acknowledging that we are workers. Only then can we begin fighting for our rights, safety and a better life. This acknowledgement is not about whether this work is “good or bad”, instead it means that worker autonomy, power and improving our working and living conditions are at the core of our struggle.

Nothing about us without us

Sex workers’ voices are rarely represented in the public debate around topics that affect us directly. We are often rendered “voiceless”, while others speak about us but never with us. As a section, we represent (only) ourselves and take the space we need and deserve. Because we believe that decisions should ultimately only be made by those who are directly affected by them.

Overcoming isolation and fear

Social and institutional stigma means that many of our colleagues are afraid or unable to come out. This leads to even more isolation in frequently already precarious circumstances. We want to counteract this situation through our section work and we always emphasize anonymity and discretion. We value the protection of our personal data very highly, which also means that we oppose the registration of sex workers, as is currently happening under the Prostitution “Protection” Act.
Of course, organizing in a trade union bears a risk but we still want to fight together and in solidarity for improvements, support and keep each other safe.

What are our goals?

  • we want to create a strong base with many sex workers from different branches
  • we want to work in a self-organized and self-determined approach
  • we aim to take up space where necessary and to have a say and participate in shaping our jobs, not only in the workplace, but also in the campaign for the abolition of special laws like the Prostitution “Protection” Act/Prostituierten"schutz"gesetz (ProstSchG)
  • Beyond dealing with labour struggles we engage in community work and self-care.

We aim to regularly review and update our goals, analysis and practice.

Who can join us?

No matter what kind of sex work you do and whether you are registered or not, you are welcome at our section meetings! Please contact us via e-mail if you want to come to our meeting for the first time.
We are a grassroots labour organization, which means bosses, managers, owners of studios or bordellos and people employed in government services are excluded from our meetings.

Our meetings are usually held in English. If necessary we can translate.

More Info:
click here for the manifesto of the Sex Work Section

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