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New collective agreement strengthens collective self-organisation

Published on Sep 14, 2020 Tags: ,
It has been a lot of work, but we made it: The Berlin General Syndicate of the FAU signs a new collective agreement for a free school. At its core are regulations to safeguard collective selforganisation of the institution.

It’s official: The new collective agreement for a free alternative school has been signed and takes effect retroactively as of 01.08.2020. The revised agreement between the school and the Berlin General Syndicate of the FAU contains many new provisions designed to strengthen and secure the structure of the school as a cooperative community. The Board of Trustees and the School Board will be even more firmly bound to their obligations to respect both the decisions within the school itself and its autonomy. As a free alternative school is designed and run by the collective in close cooperation with the students’ families. There will also be a number of improvements in working conditions, among them reimbursement of eco-mobility costs for workers travelling by public transport or bicycle, for example, and improved financial security in case of long illness or during parental leave. Furthermore a christmas bonus has been added and the wage level was fixed for the first time.

The FAU workplace group at the school has been working on the draft contract since late 2019, but the involvement of the School Board of the Board of Trustees was delayed due to anti-coronavirus measures, which made in-person talks difficult to arrange. As a result, the School Board was unable to make the eagerly awaited decision on whether or not to accept the proposal until after the summer vacation. Despite a somewhat difficult process, the School Board ultimately accepted the proposal by a majority vote. The collective agreement has been subject to continuous reappraisal in recent years, over the course of which numerous suggestions have been made on how to better adapt its provisions to the collective’s wishes and working practices at the school - and to oblige the Board to do the same. Pressure from the workplace group has now secured even more protections for collective self-organisation with the new collective agreement.

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