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After the Ankara Bombing: Funeral of the Syndicalist Ali Kitapçı

Published on Oct 13, 2015 Tags: ,
The peace demonstration in Ankara, planned for October 10 and organized by national unions (DİSK, KESK, TMMOB und TTB), has been overshadowed by a bomb attack which killed 128 and heavily wounded more than 500. The FAU federation expressed its horror and sent its condolences to the bereaved. By comrades from FAU Duisburg, we have now learnt that amongst the victims also was the Turkish anarcho-syndicalist Ali Kitapçı.

On Ali Kitapçı

Ali Kitapçı (1958-2015) was one of the 14 members of BTS-KESK [Independent Transportation Union] who were killed in the blast. He first got involved with the anarchist movement in England and continued to be active for 30 years. Apart from his fight for syndicalism, he was an active member of many anarchist organisations in Ankara since the second half of 1980s, and urged the unification of anarchists for a common fight. He was the first person to organise for the anarcho-syndicalist cause in modern-day Turkey. He was an inspiration for many of his comrades from different ideas and generations.

Farewell to Ali

In the memorial meeting held on 12 October by his union in the Ankara Train Station for the all union members who lost their lives, thousands gathered. Following this meeting, his body was buried in Karsiyaka Cemetery with the participation of his companion and comrade Emel, his son Artun Siyah and his anarchist comrades coming from different places around Turkey. Hundreds of anarchists who attended his funeral promised to continue his fight.

His companion and comrade Emel’s words at the funeral were also an expression of the feelings of all other comrades:

Our heart is with him. Our anger is fuelled by his strength. We are all here. We are all here. It’s just his body which will stay here. He will be with us forever. He will be our light and illumination forever.


The following text was written by Ali’s comrades:

Ali Kitapçı..

It's raining. On all our memories with Ali...

It's raining. Yet yesterday the killers have washed away the blood on the street long ago.

It's raining.

All those drinks we had together, all those actions we went, all those slogans we shouted, all that gas we breathed. Ali's asthma crisis..

It's raining.

State attacks.

It's raining so badly.

All the comrades, we are together just like we were 20 years ago.

We are together, just like it happened in 1936!

Ali had given his life to the class struggle, to the trade-union movement.

He was one of those unnamed "heroes" struggling to transform the anarchist movement from a weak breath into a lively alternative for freedom.

Let his memory be our comrade...

We won't forget, we won't forgive!


In mourning for Ali and all the victims of this attack - may the earth be light to you!

Stronger together

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