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[Mall of Shame] Lautstarke Demo am Samstag - der Kampf geht in die nächste Runde

Published on Apr 26, 2015 Tags: ,
Am Samstag den 25.4. war es wieder einmal Zeit, die "Mall of Shame" aufzusuchen, und daran zu erinnern, dass die Arbeiter, die das Luxuseinkaufszentrum erbaut haben, immer noch nicht für ihre Arbeit gezahlt wurden.

Um die 250 DemonstrantInnen zogen um die Mall of Berlin. Vor jedem Eingang der Mall gab es Zwischenkundgebungen, mit Redebeiträgen von den Mall-Arbeitern, dem Bündnis Zwangsräumung verhindern, dem interkulturellen Jugendverband Amaro Foro e.V., der Erwerbsloseninitiative Basta!, der Gruppe Radikale Linke Berlin, der schwedischen Gewerkschaft SAC Syndikalisterna, und der Anarchosyndikalistischen Jugend Berlin.

Der Kampf geht in die nächste Runde

Diesen Monat standen die ersten Gerichtstermine - die Güteverhandlungen - zu
den Klagen der Arbeiter an. Nun geht der Kampf der Genossen um ihren Lohn für ihre geleistete Arbeit in die nächste Runde.

Der Investor, der verantwortliche Ex-Generalübernehmer und seine Subunternehmen werden diesen Konflikt nicht aussitzen können. Die Arbeiter wehren sich – und zwar bis ihre Forderungen tatsächlich erfüllt sind! Wir werden die Mall immer wieder aufsuchen, bis die Löhne vollständig gezahlt sind.

Folgende Gruppen hatten den Solidaritätsaufruf zur Demo unterschrieben:

Anarchosyndikalistische Jugend (ASJ) Berlin

Antirassistische Initiative Berlin (ARI) Berlin

Antifaschistische Linke Jugend (ALJ), Berlin

A-Laden Berlin


Berlin Migrant Strikers

Blockupy Plattform Berlin

Escaping Barcode Life, Groningen

Grupo de acción sindical (GAS) Berlin

Radikale Linke Berlin (RLB)

Refugee Strike Berlin


Speech by the Foreigners' Section of FAU Berlin:

Dear comrades, friends and bystanders.

We are happy to see all of you standing with us in solidarity today.

6 months ago 8 really angry and hungry workers came in to the FAU Berlins office to talk about their situation.

They had already for some time organized themselves to fight against the exploitation they experienced during their work on the Mall of Berlin construction site – today known to all in Germany as the Mall of Shame.

The story our comrades told us was filled with tales of injustices, verbally and physically threats and cold nights in the streets.

They told us how it feels to be stripped of your dignity,
they told us how they went to the big capitalist unions for help but only got a cold shoulder,
they told us how they wanted to fight and they asked us for our solidarity.

6 months later we are still fighting together not only in the streets but also in court
Not only for our comrades wages and dignity but for the dignity of us all.

The situation of the former Mall-workers is absolutely not an isolated case. It's the tip of the iceberg.

Systematic exploitation of migrant workers in Germany is almost standard, not only in the construction sector, but also in the hospitality and gastronomy sectors and the logistics sector.

Berlin is filled with workers getting shitty wages or not being payed at all.
Workers, that the bosses are trying to isolate so that they feel week, alone and powerless.

Our city is bursting with multinational companies trying to profit on the fact that more and more people in Europe are forced to move in order to find jobs to support themselves and their families.

Our streets are overrun by capitalists going over bodies for profit.

The time has come, they are starting to understand that we, the workers are not going to let ourselves be isolated and exploited. Because an injustice to one is an injustice to us all.

We are going to organize,
we are going to stand in solidarity with each other,
we are going to fight for our rights and we are going to take back what they stole from us.

Our solidarity has no nation, it has no borders.

We will not give up!

We will win.

Mall of shame – pay the workers!

Stronger together

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