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Prisoners’ Union: For Trade Union Rights In Prison As Well

Published on Aug 15, 2014 Tags: , , ,
In the past, FAU Berlin for several times expressed its solidarity with prisoners’ union activists, in particular with the grassroots unionist Olli who, beside his function as a spokesperson of the Prisoners’ Union (GG/BO), is a member of both the IWW and the FAU Berlin. Since its first days, the GG/BO, which has been founded in Berlin and now is present in several German prisons, faces anti-union repression. Recently again, union documents were kept resp. taken away from another GG spokesperson, the prisoners’ union activist André Borris M. á Moussa Schmitz.

For this reason, approximately 40 people, according to GG/BO, gathered on Thursday in order to protest in front of Berlin Senate of Justice. Various statements of solidarity were voiced. Unfortunately, FAU Berlin didn’t manage to actively participate in the mobilization; yet FAU Berlin hereby sends its greetings of solidarity. We support the cause of GG/BO and the fight for union liberties in that extreme working zone called prison. Where labour is compulsory, union rights are compulsory as well!

For union liberties in prison as well.

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