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From Berlin to Malmö: Smash Fascism!

Published on Mar 18, 2014 Tags: ,
A group of feminists was brutally attacked by Swedish neo-nazis in central Malmö on March 8th. The FAU Berlin joined 50 activists in Friedrichshain this past Saturday to show their solidarity.

On Saturday March 8th, just past midnight, a group of feminists was brutally attacked by Swedish neo-nazis in central Malmö after participating in an International Women's Day demonstration.

Six victims were taken to the hospital; four of them with injuries from being stabbed; and one, Showan, 25, underwent several operations since his life was in grave danger. For now his condition is stable but still very critical and he was in a coma.

The police arrested three men, two of whom have been charged with attempted murder. The neo-nazi group Svenskarnas Parti (Party of the Swedes) acknowledged that their members were involved in the incident but falsely claims that they were acting in self defense. This is part of an growing trend of fascist violence in Sweden, stirred by contact to fascists in Ukraine and ambivilance towards fascists on the part of the Swedish government.

That Sunday afternoon more than 2000 people gathered at Möllevång Square in central Malmö to protest against the fascist violence, while all over Sweden similar demonstrations took place that same evening.

A week later in Berlin on Saturday March 15th, around 50 people gathered to show their solidarity. The FAU Berlin's foreigners' section took part, unfurling a giant solidarity postcard to Malmö with a simple message: Smash fascism. Showan used to be a member of the Swedish syndicalist organization SAC.

Solidarity actions have been going on throughout Europe, particularly in football stadiums as Showan is a big fan. Malmö's Crime City Rollers, a roller derby team, also got into the act by hanging up the FAU's banner before their match this Saturday in Berlin.

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