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Published on Feb 15, 2016 Tags: , ,
... that’s the union that is here!” Despite a pending temporary injunction. To protest against this restriction of union liberty, FAU Berlin organized a rally on Saturday, February 13. Around 50 people gathered at Garnisonkirchplatz, near Hackescher Markt. You could be forgiven for thinking that police force numbers were just as numerous.

Initially, the protest was directed at a restaurant at Hackescher Markt from which the Berlin grassroots union demands the payment of holiday pay and outstanding wages. The former’s management, however, obtained a temporary injunction that prohibits FAU Berlin, until further notice, from publicly naming the restaurant in question; although this ruling has yet to be delivered in a legally binding form.

In reality, a temporary injunction can be a fast tracked process (as has happened in this case) with the side under legal attack not being able to dispute the claim. The FAU Berlin working group directing this labour conflict considers this a legal process worthy of criticism, as it is often used as a restriction on union freedom and freedom of action. Over and over the crowd chanted: “Freedom can’t function, under injunction!”

Further criticism is warranted, in the eyes of the union, because the rally could not take place at Hackescher Markt as planned, but subject to police orders was only allowed to take place behind the train tracks to the rear. Unwavering, FAU Berlin will continue to stand up for workers’ interests – in this case, as well as others. This is precisely the purpose of a labour union. The FAU will fight against this “temporary injunction” and stand up for union liberty and freedom of speech – for the people are the heart of any living society.

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FAU Berlin is currently restructuring! This means that we are reducing some of our public activities, to focus on our strategy for the future. Throughout this time we are still providing support to our membership. If you are a member and need assistance, don't hesitate to contact your section/workplace group, or drop into our open Lokal on Fridays.

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