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FAU Berlin stands in solidarity with striking South African wine workers

Published on Nov 20, 2016 Tags: ,
In the spirit of international solidarity, the October General Assembly of the FAU Berlin took the decision to support the ongoing strike at the Robertson Winery in South Africa with a donation of 400 euros. The strike for better wages and working conditions, being fought under the banner of the Commercial, Stevedoring, Agricultural and Allied Workers Union (CSAAWU), is now in its 12th week. The FAU has previously supported CSAAWU, when it was threatened with being shut down by a court process. CSAAWU organizes highly precarious workers on farms in South Africa, an industry marked by very low levels of union organization. As part of the struggle, CSAAWU has also called for a boycott of Robertson products.
FAU Berlin stands in solidarity with striking South African wine workers

Aufruf der CSAAWU

Keep notice upon our solidarity letter for the CSAAWU.


Dear comrades of CSAAWU,

With solidarity and friendship, the Freie Arbeiter- und Arbeiterinnen Union (Berlin) are sending you a small contribution of €400 to support your current strike at the Robertson Winery.

We are fully behind your very brave struggle for a R8500 per month, improved working conditions and union recognition. We are aware that the struggle is now in its 12th week, which must be putting a heavy burden on many comrades. But we are impressed by your lasting courage to stand up and demand an end to poverty wages, and your firm refusal of the company’s paltry R400 offer. We also realise just how important this strike is: a victory at Robertson would surely be starting point for the transformation of the whole exploitative wine industry in South Africa. It is absolutely crucial that CSAAWU remains able to continue its difficult and impressive work at Robertson, and on SA farms more generally. We hope that we will be able play some role in supporting this, even if small.

We were also alarmed some weeks ago to read that Robertson was attempting to have the leadership of CSAAWU arrested and the strike forbidden. We know all about the way they will (and probably are already) attempting to crush you with legal costs. But we admire your stamina in keeping up the pressure despite all the hurdles.

Stand strong comrades! You are not alone in this struggle!


Keep it up comrades,
FAU Berlin

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