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„An Eye For An Eye, And A Tooth For A Tooth“ – Swedish School Berlin Divides Staff

Published on Aug 25, 2014 Tags: , ,
On Monday, August 25th, the new school year started in Swedish School Berlin – yet, without two unionized employees: a nature science and sports teacher and a staff member at the after-school activity centre. The Swedish school, associated to the Swedish Church in Berlin, is true to herself: in an anti-union attitude. The only employees who've not been offered a new contract are these FAU Berlin union activists who had openly protested against the mass layoffs.


The layoffs have been preceded by a staff’s protest against a possible worsening of working conditions at the after-school activity centre. Now, the consequences of all of this are evident: Those who declared their solidarity with the after-school staff or with the anti-layoffs protests did get poorer conditions in their new contracts; those who kept their silence, enjoy the same or, in one case, even better conditions. This is an authoritarian logic, which is fiercely condemned by FAU Berlin, but which has a clear objective: to make colleagues understand that only has a future, who’s loyal and not criticizing the boss. 

As a matter of fact, the protests made the bosses move. There’s been a broad media coverage in Sweden as well as several solidarity actions and support by the syndicalist union SAC. Protests were staged, too, by London anarcho-syndicalist Solidarity Federation and by activists of Athens SVEOD. Without these actions, it would have been strongly improbable that teaching staff would have been rehired on better or same working conditions – because therefore no layout would have been “necessary”.

FAU Berlin filed a dismissal protection suit and will continue to support its fired members and to fight for their reintegration.

Join us on Wednesday in front of Swedish School in Berlin! Wednesday, September 3rd, 5.30 p.m., at Landhausstraße 26 | 10717 Berlin 
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