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How to support us? - ¿Cómo apoyarnos?

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Get involved: Solidarity is our weapon!
Here you find every information you need to support the FAU Berlin.

Call for an global day of protest on january 29/30, 2010

Castellano: PDF | RTF
Deutsch: PDF | RTF
English: PDF | RTF
Français: PDF | RTF

Text with background information in several languages

Deutsch: fau_berlin_de.pdf
Castellano: fau_berlin_sp.pdf
English: fau_berlin_en.pdf
Français: fau_berlin_fr.pdf
Po Polsku: fau_berlin_pl.pdf
Português: fau_berlin_pt.pdf
Svensk: fau_berlin_se.pdf
Русский: fau_berlin_ru.pdf
Ελληνικά: fau_berlin_gr.pdf

Taking action

In addition to your own ideas, you can help us by:


  • Carrying out protest actions in front of German diplomatic missions (embassies, consulates) or other institutions that represent the German state.
  • Sending protest letters to German embassies in your country, including a CC (if sent by email) or copy (if sent by post) to the management of the Babylon Mitte cinema.
  • Sending protest faxes to the responsible Berlin court.


Here you find a list of German diplomatic missions. Look if there is an embassy or consulate in your city. This file also includes information on how to contact the embassy in your country. The listed country names are given in German. If you don't understand German, here is a table to find out your country's name in German.

Here are German templates for protest letters (engl. translation) you can direct to the German embassy.

Contact information of the management of the Babylon Mitte cinema:
Fax: +49 - (0)30 - 24727-800
E-mail: grossman@babylonberlin.de | hackel@babylonberlin.de | timothygrossman@kinoundkonzerte.de | tgrossman@kinoundkonzerte.de

Contact information of the responsible court (Landgericht Berlin):
Fax: +49 (0)30 90188 - 518

Here are German templates for protest letters (engl. translation) you can direct to the Landgericht (court).

Here is a form to send a prepared protest mail to the german Foreign Office in Berlin. Your informations will be inserted into a form of the website of the german Foreign Office and send to them.



Die kämpferische Gewerkschaft

Einfach ausfüllen und abschicken: Hier geht's zum MitgliedsantragDie FAU Berlin ist eine un­abhängige Basis­gewerkschaft. Sie ist bundesweit in der Gewerkschaftsföderation FAU organisiert. Tretet bei, bringt euch ein, werdet aktiv.



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