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FAU Berlin: Aktuell (Newsfeed)

Die kämpferische Gewerkschaft: Artikel, Pressespiegel, Pressemitteilungen
FAU Berlin is restructuring - everyone's vote counts!
An important vote on motions to adopt our new union strategy is happening. Last year, we voted to start a Restructuring Phase to create new structures and strategies to adapt the way our union functions to our ever-growing membership and the challenges of evolving workplaces.
Book presentation - The Life and Times of a Black Wobbly
In the early twentieth century, when many US unions disgracefully excluded black and Asian workers, the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) warmly welcomed people of color, in keeping with their emphasis on class solidarity and their bold motto: “An Injury to One Is an Injury to All”. Ben Fletcher: The Life and Times of a Black Wobbly tells the story of one of the greatest heroes of the American working class. Historian Peter Cole will join us at the FAU open Lokal night on Friday 8 July for a special presentation on his book, published by PM Press.
Press Clip Pressemitteilung der Betriebsgruppe Learnship der FAU Berlin und der FAU Köln
COVID als Vorwand für Ausbeutung: Über Honorarkürzungen, Spracharbeit und die Organisierung digitaler Sprachmittler*innen beim Plattformanbieter Learnship.
Deutsche Premiere - El Entusiasmo
Sommer, Sonne, Kino! Wir verlosen 2 Tickets für die Premiere von „El Entusiasmo“ (OmU) am 22.06. (21:45 Uhr) in der Freilichtbühne Weißensee. Regisseur Luis E. Herrero und Produzent Javier Rueda sind vor Ort. Und wir sind es natürlich auch – mit Infostand und Büchertisch. Interesse? Dann schreib eine Mail an Die Gewinner:innen benachrichtigen wir am Montag.
Offenes Lokal - Kids Edition
Morgen ist Kindertag! 🥳 Das wollen wir diese Woche im offenen Lokal feiern. Am Freitag gibt's Nudeln mit Tomatensauce, Brause und Vorleseflatrate. Außerdem Schminke, Straßenkreide und Riesenseifenblasen. Ü16 sind natürlich auch willkommen.
Welcome to Berlin!
Вітаємо в Берліні! | Willkommen in Berlin! Die Sektion Gesundheit und Soziales der FAU Berlin hat einen Flyer für Pflegekräfte aus der Ukraine erstellt, die in Berlin Arbeit suchen. Der Flyer soll den Kolleg:innen einen Überblick darüber geben, welches Gehalt sie zurzeit mindestens verlangen können. Für den Flyer findest du hier auf der Webseite eine Vorlage, die du ausdrucken, verteilen und/oder aushängen kannst. Der Text ist auf Ukrainisch und auf Deutsch.
Eat your boss: Wrongful termination brunch
Bosses fire us for all kinds of reasons: because they feel like it, or, for example, because we have become an inconvenience for them. They especially like to fire workers who go on strike, resorting to tactics such as mass terminations. Many terminations, especially mass terminations, often do not meet the legal requirements. Bosses rely on the fact that we can't defend ourselves legally because we lack the time, knowledge, energy, money or self-confidence. And sadly enough, they are often right. Although sadly this is sometimes the case, we don't have to let it be this way.
Kongress der FAU Berlin voraus!
Dieses Wochenende ist es endlich soweit - der Kongress der FAU Berlin findet statt. Im Mittelpunkt der Veranstaltung steht die Neustrukturierungsphase, in der sich die Organisation zurzeit befindet. Freitag (06.05.) - Einführung & Socialising | Samstag (07.05.) - Workshops und Diskussionen | Sonntag (08.05.) - Plenum. Wo: Freilichtbühne Weißensee, Große Seestraße 10, 13086 Berlin.
The Foreigners’ Section: Solidarity with SVEOD
The Foreigners’ Section of FAU Berlin is calling its members to join the demo on May 1st to show solidarity with our fighting comrades around the world and especially SVEOD who are organising a strike in Athens. The demonstration starts 10:45, we gather at 10:00. Location: Alexanderstraße (S | U Alexanderplatz)
Workshop series: Organizing4Power
The Organizing4Power training by Jane McAlevey and the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation looks at the basics of organising in workplaces, schools, universities, tenements and more. You'll learn to understand how social relations work on the ground, how to have organising conversations, and how to test structures. Want to learn more? Then join us! If you would like to take part, you can register by May 1st.
Restructuring of FAU Berlin
FAU Berlin is currently restructuring! This means that we are reducing some of our public activities, to focus on our strategy for the future. Throughout this time we are still providing support to our membership. If you are a member and need assistance, don't hesitate to contact your section/workplace group, or drop into our open Lokal on Fridays.
Who do we want to organise?
[Online-Event | 24.04.22 | 2-5 Pm] As part of our restructuring phase, we are planning an online event to gather input from the FAU Berlin. We will present and discuss ideas for membership development, recruitment and the involvement of different syndicates. So far, members of FAU München, FAU Leipzig and FAU Hannover have agreed to take part in the panel.
Artists and Activists for humanitarian support
Interview with Denys Pankratov, organizer of the Crane Operators Union of the Lviv Region (Profspilka Kranivnykiv Lvishchyny - Профспілка кранівників Львівщини) and activist of the Social Movement (Sotsialnyi Rukh - Соціальний рух) organization.
MOVIE NIGHT (deutsch + español)
11.03.2022 - 8pm | FLINTA* only | @FAU Lokal 'A la deriva, por los circuitos de la precariedad feminina' 'ABDRIFTEN - Über die Kreisläufe weiblicher Prekarität'
04.03.2022 - 7pm | all genders | @FAU Lokal Rhetorical training for feminist strike action. We want to collect, discuss and act out different situations where we feel like we’re missing arguments or rhetorical strategies - and change that together!
Workshop: Intern online-forum introduction
On Monday we are holding a workshop about our intern-platform Discourse. It’s open for all members - especially new and not-so-active ones. On Monday we are holding a workshop about our intern-platform Discourse. It’s open for all members - especially new and not-so-active ones. If your Section or Workplace Group would like to receive such a workshop, but doesn’t have time on that day, let us know and we will try to set up another date!
FAU Berlin vs Curalie GmbH
The digital health care platform Curalie GmbH is terminating one of our members’ job. With the aid of the union, our member has filed a claim for wrongful termination and will proceed with the court date even though Curalie GmbH has offered a settlement.
Online-Buchvorstellung - Frédéric Valin: Pflegeprotokolle
Donnerstag, 13.01.2022 um 20:00 Uhr | Online mit Anmeldung Im Gesundheitssystem herrscht der Notstand. Es geht mehr um Kosten und Profite als um die Gesundheit der Leute. Von denen, die den Normalzustand im System kennen, weil sie die Care-Arbeit machen, also von Pflegekräften, Sozialarbeiter*innen und Erzieher*innen, erfährt die Öffentlichkeit viel zu wenig. Das will Frédéric Valin mit seinem Buch "Pflegeprotokolle" ändern.
Another win against Cycle Logistics!
November 25th we won yet another case against Cycle Logistics in the Berlin labour court. The judge found in favour of our comrade for the lion's share of the case, i.e. the falsely claimed minus hours, and our member will be paid his rightfully earned wages. We didn't succeed in claiming the lesser part (holiday payments that were not granted), but all in all: it was two steps forward and one step back. Like a metaphor for organising at the workplace.
TV-L: FAU Berlin joins strike call
Negotiations on the “TV-L” collective agreement for the 2.4 million state employees working in the public service are currently underway. After the bosses blocked the first two rounds of negotiation, the DGB unions called for token strikes—and we’re calling on you to support them! FAU Berlin calls its members working under the TV-L to join the industrial action in their respective sectors.
We fire in under 10 minutes ... Shame on you Gorillas!
Instead of taking care of minimum labor contract standards, the food delivery service Gorillas uses the reignited strikes as a reason to terminate several hundred workers without prior notice. We say that is enough—and declare our solidarity with all fired workers!
Abfindung erstritten - Boss fragt: Ist das fair?
Die Mitarbeiter*innen des Café Cinema haben Aufhebungsverträge vorgelegt bekommen, um ihr Anstellungsverhältnis zu beenden. Bloß ein Mitglied der FAU wehrte sich und konnte vor Gericht zumindest eine Abfindung erstreiten.
Solidarity with the workers in Myanmar
In february 2021, the military of Myanmar realized a coup. Despite ruling by violence, international companies maintain commercial relationships to the regime. Together with the Blood Money Campaign, we call on the Volkswagen AG to use its influence and to end instantly the delivery of Sinotruk-components and -trucks to Myanmar!
Termination overturned at Cycle Logistics Gmbh!
Workers at Cycle Logistics Gmbh have won a major victory when after a 6 month court process the labor court in Berlin overturned the illegal termination of an organizer/Works Council member.
Come to labour court with us!
One of our riders is currently fighting against his unlawful termination. The conflict has been running since the beginning of the year - now a final court date has been scheduled for September 16. We need your support for this! Come by the court, have a coffee with us and support the comrades. Let's show our strength as workers - and celebrate a likely victory of an overturned termination!
Workers Group Lieferando calls for Protest
INVITATION for all delivery, restaurant and supermarket workers in Berlin. Come to the "#Friday13th" actions by the "Action against labour injustice".
Press Clip chemical/x-isostar Gerd Thomas Gabler – Situationist und Erwerbslosenaktivist
Ein Nachruf auf den engagierten Erwerbslosenaktivisten
Press Clip Wilder Streik bei den Gorillas: Das Unternehmen hat „alles“ zu verlieren
Die Angestellten des Lieferdienstes streiken seit Wochen – selbst organisiert. Die Basisgewerkschaft FAU solidarisiert sich mit ihnen. Ein Gespräch.
Press Clip Troff document Wild bestreikt
Die Gorillas-Riders streiken unorganisiert – das ist selten, sagt die Basisgewerkschaft FAU. Solche Proteste seien aber oft von Mi­gran­t:in­nen getragen.
Mit Austerität die Welt retten? Ein Gespräch über Klimakrise, Ungleichheit und nachhaltige Klassenpolitik
Mit Matthias Becker und Simon Schaupp. Die Klimakrise nimmt unübersehbar dramatische Ausmaße an. Die herrschenden Klassen reagieren unterdessen mit mehr vom selben: Mehr „Emissionshandel“, mehr „technische Lösungen“ (wie Wasserstoff als Energieträger), mehr leere Versprechungen. Durch höhere Verbraucherpreise soll der Kapitalismus ökologisch werden – diesmal wirklich, ganz ehrlich. Ist ein CO2-Preis das kleinere Übel? Muss in den westlichen Metropolen der Lebensstandard der unteren Klassen sinken, damit wir die Welt retten?
Stronger together

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FAU Berlin is currently restructuring! This means that we are reducing some of our public activities, to focus on our strategy for the future. Throughout this time we are still providing support to our membership. If you are a member and need assistance, don't hesitate to contact your section/workplace group, or drop into our open Lokal on Fridays.

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