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Become a Member

Simply fill in the membership application form and press "submit membership application".

Print version

If you want to send us your application in print, you can find a PDF-version of our membership application here.


  • I am a worker, i.e., I am either employed, unem­ployed, self-employed, a wage-earner, pensioner or an apprentice.
  • I am not a boss, i.e, I do not have the power to hire or fire workers.
  • I will not take on a job that contradicts the aims and goals of the FAU.
  • I support the principles of the FAU and will abide by its structures and resolutions.


Living and working in Potsdam?

Since 2020, former comrades from FAU Berlin have founded an independent FAU syndicate in Potsdam. Join there!

I would like to become a member in: Could be the coming month, for example.
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Personal Data
The information will be treated completely confidentially!
Employment data
Please be sure to fill in the following fields - this is important information for your new union!
Type of Employment

Membership fees

Membership fees

The monthly membership fee is 1% of your gross monthly income. The minimum is 2.50 Euros per month. In case of financial difficulties, a deferral of payment can be requested.

Membership fees can be paid via bank standing order, direct debit or in cash.


I will pay  

Account details Necessary in case you have selected to pay via direct debit:
Come as a Friend
Come as a Friend Enter the full name or membership number of a union member you know or who is your contact person at work. By providing this information, you agree that the person indicated will be informed about your application and will receive your call name and email address electronically in order to contact you. This information will help you to get to know the union more quickly and is voluntary:
What happens next?
What happens next?

By submitting this application, I agree to the collection, processing and use of the personal data requested on this form by FAU Berlin for membership administration by means of electronic data processing. My call name, occupation, company and e-mail address will be forwarded to the grassroots structure responsible for me.

I am aware that the application for membership cannot be processed without this consent.

What happens now?

  1. The secretariat will confirm the receipt of your membership application.
  2. After that, a responsible structure will decide on your application and you will receive another notification with information about your membership. Until then, you do not have to pay any dues.

All data will be transmitted in encrypted form and treated confidentially.

Die kämpferische Gewerkschaft

Einfach ausfüllen und abschicken: Hier geht's zum MitgliedsantragDie FAU Berlin ist eine un­abhängige Basis­gewerkschaft. Sie ist bundesweit in der Gewerkschaftsföderation FAU organisiert. Tretet bei, bringt euch ein, werdet aktiv.

Wir kommen wieder!

Die FAU Berlin befindet sich gerade in einer Neustrukturierungsphase! Das bedeutet, dass wir einige unserer öffentlichen Aktivitäten herunterfahren, um uns auf die künftige Strategiefindung zu konzentrieren. Während dieser Zeit werden wir unsere Mitglieder selbstverständlich weiterhin unterstützen. Wenn du als Mitglied Hilfe brauchst, dann kannst du dich gern an deine Sektion/Betriebsgruppe wenden - oder du schaust einfach freitags im offenen Lokal vorbei!

Einstieg und Beratung
Infoveranstaltung: FAU – Wie funk­tioniert das? Findet bis auf Weiteres nicht statt.
Offenes FAU-Lokal: Freitags, 17.00–20.00 Uhr.
Gewerkschaftliche Beratung: immer am 2. und 4. Freitag im Monat, 18.30–19.30 Uhr.
Bitte zuerst lesen!
MieterInnenberatung: Findet bis auf Weiteres nicht statt.
Offene Beratung für Kollektivbetriebe: Siehe die Beratungs-Seite der union coop // föderation.
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